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December 2014  
Message from Cynthia
Less Stress, More Joy
The holidays can be a time of great joy and happiness. They can also be a time of incredible stress and anxiety, especially when we try to "do it all." While eliminating stress from our lives isn't an option—especially this time of year—learning how to manage it and keep it from defining your holiday season is definitely an achievable goal.
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Party Planning: 9 Strategies for Taking the Focus Off Food This Holiday Season
On January 1, will you weigh more, less, or the same as you do today? The answer depends on what you do—and don't do—between now and then. Here are nine tried-and-true success strategies for taking the focus off food during the holidays. Put these ideas into practice and you'll begin the New Year with a healthy head start!
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Can't Lose Weight During the Holidays? Diana Did!
For many people, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day can be a minefield of temptation. It's not unusual to gain weight during the festive, food-fueled holiday season. But it doesn't have to be that way. Just ask Diana. She began her Lean for Life program on November 14, 2013, two weeks before Thanksgiving. By Christmas, she had lost 28 pounds—and she went on to lose a total of 45 pounds.

"People told me I was crazy to begin a weight loss program before the holidays, but it was actually the perfect time," Diana says. "Not only did I lose weight, but I also didn't gain weight like so many people do. I started the New Year feeling fabulous—and nearly one year later, I still do!"
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