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October 2014  
Message from Cynthia
Everyday Superstars
Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Just ask Shanna Fichera. Two years ago, when she started her Lean for Life program at 269 pounds, Shanna never imagined that one day she would appear on a national TV show, celebrating a life-changing 120-pound weight loss. But that's exactly what happened—and it all resulted from an email she sent us. Shanna offered to share her inspiring story in hopes of motivating others—and she certainly has.
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5 Reasons to Get Your ZZZZs
Nearly 30 percent of American adults get less than six hours of sleep per night. Are you one of them? Scientific evidence clearly shows that people who skimp on sleep tend to gain more weight than people who sleep for the recommended seven to nine hours a night. It gives new meaning to the phrase, "you snooze, you lose."
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From "Hiding Out" to Celebrating on National TVs
When Shanna first walked through the doors of Lindora's Camarillo clinic two years ago, she weighed 269 pounds. She had gained 50 pounds in five years and was in pain. Shanna worried that her weight was seriously impacting her health—and her life. She was taking medication for high blood pressure, had occasional chest pains, and was wearing muu-muus around the house.

"I remember thinking, 'I'm not living the life a 25-year-old girl should be living,'" Shanna says. “That’s when I decided to change my body and my life—and it all started with a call to Lindora!"
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